PJA offers all architectural services from the initial development of a brief through to administration of the construction contract and building work. It is a comprehensive service that requires a range of complementary competencies.

Design Brief Development
At this initial stage we see our role as listening to our clients’ requirements and ideas, and then interpreting and refining these fundamentals into a practical design brief. We believe it is essential to bring both creative and pragmatic influences to bear at this stage. The brief may and indeed should develop and evolve through the design progress.

The brief is further refined following a measured survey of the site and any existing buildings. Once this fundamental information is captured we can produce drawings and 3d computer models to aid in the design process. Ideas can be visualized and changes can be made quickly and effectively at this stage. Read more...

Planning Applications
Once the design solution is agreed with a client all the drawings and 3d images are finalised and a planning application submitted to the planning authority. We have a good working relationship with the local planning authorities and a high success rate with planning approvals. Read more...

Building Regs / Working Drawings
The Building Regulations set standards for the design and construction of buildings, primarily to ensure the safety and health of those using the buildings, but also for energy conservation and access issues.

Once any necessary planning permission is obtained, PJA prepares further detailed working drawings for submission to the Local Authority for Building Regulation Approval.

If a project requires structural design work and associated calculations – for example for steelwork, abnormal foundations or non-standard roofs – we can help in appointing appropriate structural engineers. Read more...

Tender Documents / Analysis
The same drawings and documents prepared for Building Regulations approval can be used as tender documents to obtain quotations from contractors. We can also produce a detailed specification of all elements of the building through to descriptions of good workmanship and building practice. Read more...

Contract Administration
Contract administration is entirely flexible and can include:

Advising on the appointment of the contractor and the form of building contract.
Administration of the terms of the building contract.
Inspection the building work to monitor progress in accordance with contract documents.
Issuing architect’s instructions for any changes to the work while in progress.
Preparation and certification valuations of work carried out or completed.
Issuing appropriate documents on completion.
Settling final accounts.
Control of the defects period under the terms of the contract.
Final certification after obtaining the necessary documentation from contractor.