Contract Administration

We can offer contract administration on a flexible basis according to the needs of the particular contract and by agreement before the start of the works.
This includes:

> Advising the Client on the appointment of the
> Contractor and the form of building contract.
> Administer the terms of the building contract.
> Inspect the building work to monitor progress in
> accordance with contract documents.
> Issue Architect’s instructions for variations to
> the works.
> Prepare and certify valuations of work carried out
> or completed.
> Issue certificate on Practical Completion.
> Settle final account, or provide information required
> by others for settling final account.
> Control of the defects period under the terms of
> the contract that have appeared any time up to
> 3 months (or as stated in contract) after
> Practical Completion.
> Checking the making good of any defects.
> Final certification after receiving necessary
> documentation from Contractor