Tender Documents / Analysis

The same drawings and documents prepared for Building Regulations approval will also be suitable for pricing purposes if you wish to obtain competitive tenders to select a contractor.

We can also produce a detailed specification listing all elements of the building and descriptions of good workmanship and building practice.  When prepared and agreed, drawings and specification can then be used as Tender Documents together with Invitation to Tender and tendering conditions to obtain quotations from an agreed list of building contractors.

The contractors have an agreed period of time in which to submit their costs on a tender return form.  The lowest tenderer is usually appointed to do the work, but you are not obliged to accept the lowest tender.   We can recommend a list of contractors and can assist in the selection process however the final choice is with the client.

Sometimes the client will already have a builder whom they wish to appoint, they can be sent the construction documents in order to negotiate fees.